CAE Piping, Inc. is a mechanical engineering consulting company located in California, USA. We offer engineering services in the following areas:

  • Piping Systems Design and Engineering: Design of piping systems, pipe stress analysis, structural and seismic analyses of industrial and commercial piping systems, pipelines and mechanical components based on ASME Section III and Sections VIII and B31 codes.
  • Structural and Failure Analyses: Linear and nonlinear statics, dynamics and thermal analyses, fatigue, fracture mechanics, limit load, ratcheting, shake down and creep analyses based on ASME Section III and Section VIII.
  • Seismic Design and Engineering: Seismic analysis for non-structural components such as storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers, piping systems¬†¬†based on ASCE, CBC and ASME codes, using Finite Element Analyses.
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design Peer Reviews: Machinery and part design, stress analysis, test design and simulations, 3D modelling, CAD drafting for power and process plants and other Industrial and Commercial Facilities.

CAE Piping regularly teams up with general contractors, architects and projects owners in design and structural analysis of water, steam, oil and gas (process and power) piping systems, pipelines and mechanical components. Our piping designers specialize in performing Pipe Stress Analysis, Structural and Failure Analyses and Seismic Analysis on Industrial and Commercial Pipelines and mechanical components based on ASME (Section III, Section VIII and B31 codes), AISC and ASCE and other applicable codes, utilizing advanced Finite Element Analysis. Our seismic designers use the latest CAE technology to analyse and develop your Pipelines based on the applicable codes and standards. You will be able to see the analysed 3D models of your piping systems on your computer. This will provide an easy to use platform for collaboration to enhance our joint ability to identify critical points of the design. This process can also be used to streamline the Critical Design Review (CDR), saving valuable business development resources and maximize the ROI of your company R&D assets.We believe that quality of our works, reliability and dedication to our customer needs is what makes us successful

  • Piping Engineering Piping Engineering
  • Mechanical Failure Analysis Failure Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultants Mechanical Engineering
  • Seismic Engineering Consultants Seismic Engineering