Seismic Design and Engineering

CAE Piping offers seismic engineering and qulification services for the non-structural components such as storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers,generators, piping systems and other mechanical components. Based on ASCE codes (chapter 13), all the non-structural components such as piping systems and mechanical equipments must be designed to withstand the seismic movement of their supports. To this end, we design and supply the flex and seismic bracings needed to meet the requirements of ASCE.

We provide cost effective engineering services in the following areas:

  • Design of seismic restraints for the MEPs (mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems) base on IBC/ASCE codes
  • Producing seismic support layouts with low cost per location both for engineering and material( B-line, Gripple,...)
  • Design of pipe risers: vertical pipe riser isolation, design of guides and anchors, custom vibration isolation
  • Seismic and anchorage design of storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers, piping systems and...)
  • Calculations of the inter-story building drift due to the seismic events
  • Custom solutions for the support and anchoring of the piping systems and equipments mounted to concrete blocks taking the seismic and wind loads into consideration

CAE Piping provides Seismic Engineering services to:

Power and Process Plants, Hospitals, Universities, High Schools, Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities, Water and Waste water Treatment Facilities, Airports, Sports and Entertainment Facilities, Residential and Commercial High Risers.

We perform the following finite element analyses for the occasional loading conditions (e.g. earthquake, wind, water hammer, etc.) following ASCE, IBC, CBC , ASME and other applicable codes.

  • Transient Dynamic Analysis yields the response of the piping system, if the dynamic excitations are given in terms of time histories of support movements.
  • Response Spectrum Analysis is used in the assessment of structural integrity, if the loads are given in terms of the floor response spectrum. If not, we can even provide the floor response spectrum, based on the ground motion at the site location.
  • Equivalent Static Analysis can be used when just the ground movements are available, based on ASCE.

CAE Piping provides design peer reviews, as external reviewer, to check your internal calculations and seal the documents.