Mechanical Design and Engineering

CAE Piping provides a complete package of design of mechanical components including 3D solid modelling, CAD drafting, material selection, providing BOM and manufacturing cost estimates. We provide machinery and part design, test design and simulations, providing the test specimens and performing the tests and presenting the results in our technical reports. We can function as your outsource R&D department for a range of uses in power, process, oil, gas, petrochemical and aerospace fields. CAEP utilizes finite element analysis in desgin and structural analysis of piping systems and mechanical components for different industries following applicable design codes.

We provide detailed construction drawings for mechanical components and piping systems to be used in the field. We follow contractors' requirements and preferences.

Piping systems stress analysis Finite Element Analysis Mechanical Engineering

We provide a complete package of the simulation of your products (under different types of loading conditions such as thermal, seismic, etc.) which can be significantly beneficial for your company to get your products approved by authorities.

Pipe Stress Analysis